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58th in 2011 Australian top 100 Companies

Brunton Compasses

History of Brunton Compasses Since 1894
The Brunton Compass story began in 1894, when avid outdoorsman and geologist turned inventor, D.W. Brunton began to design equipment for outdoor professionals. His innovative approach called for lightweight gear with maximum durability. This ingenuity catapulted his unique products to the forefront of American outdoor equipment.

The company bearing his name still develops products using that same philosophy. We're all users of the outdoor equipment we design. From our headquarters in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, we live the outdoor lifestyle and lend our experience to every product we produce.

Brunton Compasses have taken shape as a brand for the avid adventurer. We've been developing and producing innovative backpacking and camping equipment, optics, and are pioneering a new category called personal power, which includes power storage devices and flexible solar panels for adventurers.

With a longstanding tradition of innovation and passion for the outdoors, Brunton Compass is a brand built on authenticity. It is evident not only in the products we make, but in those who make them and identify the culture as their own. We are all users of our products and continue to inject our experience outdoors into the products we develop.

At Brunton, we embrace the outdoor lifestyle wholeheartedly. In life, in work, at play - we cherish time spent outside. It's time when we reflect, recharge and challenge ourselves to do more, and be more.

Today, Brunton is not just a brand it's the philosophy for the avid adventurer.

Brunton - Live Wide Open.

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